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One more question about Bliss upgrade

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I have decided to order Bliss after trying Linda Craig's Mille with Bliss....thanks again Linda, it was so great to finally meet you!!

I have one more question. Does the Bliss system come with a new Vertical Channel lock? I know the Horizontal channel lock is now under the new Bliss carriage but do you also get new Vertical channel lock?

My vertical lock no longer works, the solenoid has failed so I am wondering if I need to order a new vertical lock. No point if the Bliss comes with a new one.

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The Bliss upgrade includes new rails, new carriage and new axles for your head and carriage. All axles on head and carriage are new and will include new parts. Unless your problem is in your wiring, I would think you should be good to go!! Call the factory and double check with them if you have any concerns. Maybe your channel lock problem is in your head wiring. Congratulations on your new Bliss; you will love it!!

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Hi Kathy,

I don't know if the new parts for the upgrade will fix your problem but I would do as Vicki suggests, call the factory to be sure you don't need any electrical parts. Also, when I had Bliss installed on my Millie either the horizontal or vertical lock (maybe both) didn't lock, and they both worked fine prior to the installation. The installer was still there so he made one very quick adjustment and that fixed the problem. It's been working great since.

My situation is a little different than yours, but once you know all of your parts are good it may be just a small adjustment after the installation. Hope this makes sense!

You're going to love, love, love Bliss! Congrats!

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