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Myrna Ficken videos

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I took advantage of Myrna's buy two get one 1/2 off videos on tuesday and got them today. Watched beginning longarm quilting today. It was very informative. I really have only floated the tops and I haven't known what to do to keep the tops square or what to do about fullness. The clamps were so loose I couldn't really figure out what they were there for, but I am going to see if that makes a difference for me.

But I have two questions. Why did she use two top threads on the border?? Was that just for effect. I have a nolting and I don't know if I can use two threads.

I would also like to know how much she charged for the the second quilt in the video. There was so much wrong with that quilt. Do you charge for squaring the backing?

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You can always call or email me with your questions.

1). I sometime run 2 threads together for the look only. You should be able to do it with your machine depending on the thread you may need to go to bit larger needle and adjust your tension on top.

2). You are correct, there was so much wrong with that quilt, which is why I used it as an example. It quilted out quite well. I keep it stashed behind my sofa for curling up with;) so I didn't charge for that one, it was kind of an orphan. I charge by the square inch. That fee depends on the complexity and density of the quilting design, and yes the condition, such as the piecing and that particular had several issues. I do charge for squaring the backing if the piecer has made no attempt to do so. I usually charge $10.00 to do it and just add it onto the quilting fee. I don't itemize it out. I do recommend that the client do it and will show the how once if they don't know.

Your clamps are for support of your backing, they keep the sides from "flopping" around when quilting. They should not just hang down, or be too tight, and only clamped to your backing, not the batting or the top. I use clamp supports as you saw in the DVD to keep them from pulling down on the fabric. Keep in mind the way I loaded the quilt top watching the seam lines in the border and blocks to keep them straight no matter what may be going on with them. I want to leave any fullness where it is and keep everything lined up.

My Beginner DVD has so much information in it. I hope it really helps you . Let me know if you have more question.

The sale is still going on


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Batting has a memory the just as you fabric and a bias, so by clamping your batting you take the chance of stretching it. Just my thoughts. I never clamp it. Well other that at shows when doing demos.

Side not to all. when you place your order I will deduct the amount for the sale when I process your order. Any other questions feel free to give me a call or email. Also let me know if you want to set up classes in your home or mine.

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