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So Excited!!!! Got my MQS catalogue a couple of weeks ago and was drooling over classes and deciding how much money I could spend - wanted to take them all. Then last week I got the best news yet, that I was an IMQA Grant Recipient winner ---- yeah!!!!! I never thought in a million years that I would be a winner among the many other more deserving applicants. BUT this is such a boost to my newbie ego right now - I've already registered for my "hands-on" classes and excited that Miss Myrna I will be taking one of your "Fabulous Feathers" classes, Jamie Wallen's class, etc., etc. Can you tell I'm excited....it's a long time until June! So anxious to meet everyone who might be there from this chat room and the good people at IMQA/MQS. I went last year and was totally overwhelmed with information - this year I'm better prepared since I've had a few months on my machine. Thank you so much to IMQA for this great opportunity. - Sharon:D:D:D:D:D

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Hi Sharon,

Congratulations!!!! I have thought about entering that contest but chickened out :P. I never win anything!

You will love Myrna's feathers class, she is such a hoot! I will be her teachers angel in the class on Monday, so if you are in that one, I'll see you then. I also registered for one of Jaimie Wallens classes, maybe its the same one.

I am so excited I can't wait! I didn't go last year as I went to Des Moines instead so I am having withdrawals.

See you in June!


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