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Waking up from my nap!


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Waking up from a Nap Yesterday

(A true story)

By lunch on Wed I was feeling poorly in my recovery from my recent surgery. I had gone to hurting and decided my best bet was to just lie down for a nap. It took a good long wait to settle the pain and nod off to sleep. I don’t know how long I had been napping but I was lying on my left side with my left arm extended outward.

At some point my left hand and arm woke up before the rest of me did. The hand formed itself into a flat, but pointed, and very rigid weapon. The arm lifted the hand up very high and shot the rigid hand towards my face. In a split second two of the four fingers on that hand landed squarely between my eyes. I jolted to, which caused my innards to seize up. They seized to the point I could not take a breath and panic began to take over.

Just as the rigid muscles began to relax enough for a slight oxygen intake, my right hand and arm work up. In a flash the right hand came across my body and slapped the back side of the left hand that had started the whole thing. In fact, my right hand defended me so completely that it caused my left hand to once again smash into my face leaving a hand print on the back of the left hand – not to mention what destruction it had caused my face. Upon contact, my innards once again seized to the point of no air in- no air out. My insides were ablaze!!!!

I don’t know how long I lay in this condition before normal breathing returned but at some point I came to realize I might live. I am sharing this story with you just so that you know that your body works in strange and mysterious ways. Sometimes you can trust it and sometimes you just cannot!!!

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