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Machine seems to be dragging... help?


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I was quilting along just fine, and all of a sudden the machine seemed very stiff and I had to really push it around to move it. I checked the following things and came up empty:

- channel lock not on

- no threads caught in flywheel or wheels

- cleaned the bobbin case

- cleaned the table, runners and wheels

- not caught on any threads on the underside of the quilt

- take roller has clearance

I finished the quilt and tried the machine without a quilt loaded and I still felt a stiffness - but only side to side and not towards/away from me.

Any ideas on what else I can look for?


Julia Graves

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I've had this happen to me. Have you checked the electrical cords coming out of the back of the machine and to your power outlet? What I found was that the cords were getting hung up on items I had stored under the table. I thought they were pushed totally under and out of the way. I was wrong.:mad: Once I moved the boxes and other items out of the way, I had no problems:)

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Hi Julia---

Check that the table is level--in all directions. If it drags from side to side, the table might be tweeked (?) or twisted. Use a level from front to back and also side to side. Mine was twisted from settling on carpet and we were able to level by twisting the legs up or down. Hope this helps!

Linda Rech

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Have you looked for furry creatures that like to be near Mom while she works? My chocolate Lab is forever laying down on the cord. I'll stitching along and then suddenly the machine won't move any further and there he is on the other side of the table sleeping on the cord. Either that or he lays on the side I'm working on and I trip over him!

I don't like the batting dragging on the floor so I fold it up and lay it along the front of the machine. Sometimes it will move just slightly under the top bar and that creates just enough extra thickness there that the machine feels like it doesn't want to move..

Phyllis Hughes

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