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Millie acting up

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My Millie has been getting louder the last few times I have quilted and there seems to be way too much vibration! I also have quite a bit of rattling noise that I believe is coming from the bobbin area. I have cleaned and oiled the bobbin area and have checked my table with a level. My tension and stitch quality are very good, so I do not think it could be the timing, but I am the least mechanical person on this forum, so what do I know?

I even changed bobbin cases and tried different bobbins, per wound vs magnetic vs aluminum one that I wound, but no change in chatter coming from bobbin assembly. There are a few spots or areas where there seems to be some drag, but I have checked wheels also (M&M wheels, about 3 years old.).

Any suggestions on what I am overlooking? Working from the back seems worse that the front, but that could be just because the handles are placed differently and I am more comfortable in the front. I have had this wonderful workhorse for almost 7 years and had Dave Jones out for a treatment and look over last spring. I am a bit frustrated at this point, so any help would be appreciated,


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The noise...

Maybe your grease needs to be repacked?

I think that muffles the rattling.

The drag...

You might have the old M&M wheels.

They wore out faster than they were supposed to.

And you are not the least mechanical person on the forum.

I am!

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If the noise is coming from behind the bobbin area, as Meg suggested you probably need to re-pack the grease. It's not hard but you do need the instructions. Call APQS to order some grease. You can safely use your machine in the meantime without worry. It's just used to insulate the noise from the gears.

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