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Quiltazoid Idea


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Don't you just hate it when your client is standing there and you can't come up with an all over for a simple quilt??!! This Hawkeye baby quilt really stumped me and the client doesn't like to send a lot of money on it. Then I thought of my Quiltazoid star template. I started at the bottom between the legs, did 1 round, and then just sewed straight up between the legs, skipped one slit, and did another round. I chose a gold sashing to start on so sewing the next round doesn't show and eliminated tying off after each round. I varied which grooves to skip to give each star a different look. Then I just standard meandered between the stars. The heart could be used the same way.

36 X 48 inch quilt finished in 1 hr. 43 min. Costing only $25.50. Happy me, happy client!

I don't know why these photos area sting sideways. I even rotated them on my I -pad and re posted. they are still sideways!

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