Help please - bobbin tension inconsistent

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Hi all - I'm new to this just recently purchasing a Millenium off of a friend who was getting out of the business.  I have a problem with my bobbin tension.  It seems very inconsistent - giving me great stitches for 4-5 inches and then lying flat for an inch or two, great stitches for 6-7 inches, then lying flat again - I've tried everything I can think of - changing needles, changing bobbin cases, changing bobbins, adjust top and bottom tension, cleaning out the bobbin case/ hook assembly. I've watched videos online - the bobbin in the palm trick (which is WAY too loose for my machine - if I have the bobbin that loose, the tension discs aren't even touching for the top tension) Any suggestions? 



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Hi, Heather! Welcome to the forum. It sounds to me like your symptoms are "flatlining". Check out this post; and look for Dawn Cavanaugh's response. All of it is good advice, but Dawn gives some great details. Good Luck!



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I had a lot of bobbin tensions problems too until I bought a TOWA bobbin tension gauge. APQS and Superior Thread both sell them I think. I could never get the drop test to work. The bobben usually fell out and I had to chase it across the floor! They also have a top thread gauge...bought it...never got it to work.

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Are you winding your own bobbins?  This sounds like it could be an inconsistently wound bobbin or a loose one.

Do you have a prewound bobbin you could try.


You might also like to have a friend watch the thread path while you stitch.  It could be that the upper thread is getting caught somewhere.

May be the tension check spring is old, when the top thread is not being pulled the small spring on the side of the tension dial should rest at about 11 O'clock.  After you thread the needle and pull on the thread the spring should pull evenly and then sit at about 9 O'clock.


There needs to be about the same amount of pull needed for both the top and bottom threads.


This may be repeating what Dawn says in the above post.

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