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New LongBoard Design coming!!!!

Sheri Butler

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Yes, the stitch out should be posted tomorrow or sunday.

Between icky weather making my fibro acting up, a dog in emergency vet twice, I've not had the chance to finish it up.

It's on the frame now, and i'm excited watching it being stitched out! Liking this ALOT! I'm sure you all will too!


Note, I don't own a camera. I use my phone for pics, and I cant figure out how to post a pic on here with my I-phone. I will need to mess around with plugging my phone into my laptop and going from there.


I didn't purchase the Microsoft office for this laptop, as I never used much with it in the past, so I just said forget it.Now I need to find a way to post pics with my phone since this new site, I've had issues trying to do so.

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