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cant go from right to left ?

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Hi !


I have a quilt that does not to be quilted much, just two curved lines within one strip, the

quilt resembles an american flag.


So I started to go from left to right , turn around at the end and go from right to left,

but after 2 or 3 inches my thread is virtually shredded ??


The needle is new and I have no problems going from left to right, or in the star part

in loops around the stars ?


Can someone tell me what is wrong ?

thanks Lisa



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I just had this problem myself a few weeks ago! I did have my needle in the 6:35 position and found that I needed to be in the 6:30, straight on, position. I did not even have to change needles! I only seem to have this problem with glide thread, but once I straightened needle position, it was smooth stitching.


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Heidi, sorry, but I have no idea what position 635 is ?

the rest makes a lot of sense :-)


thanks !


LOL Lisa sorry to confuse you.  If you insert a pin very carefully into the eye of the needle, just turn the needle a little.  If it is already at the 6:35 position back it up more toward the 6:30 position (the eye of the needle that is).  It just depends where the timing is set on your machine and sometimes moving that needle around a little can make a huge difference.

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