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stinking loops of top thread on back...again

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I know, I know, I'm wierd, but it hurts that with such a wonderful company as APQS, and their wonderful help, 

that I'm wondering if you folks have tried calling for help.

To be unsatisfied with your machine, and just keep battling it with diff threads, iinstead of making a call and getting help,

doesn't seem like a good idea.


I agree with several things.  Run a piece of fine yarn thru all the guides and the tension assembly.  I found a gob of lint in the tension assembly.

I aolso have had to change a bobbin case.  Drop it and it can warp, and cause massive problems.

Change the needle, even if it is new,.  I often go from one s all pack to another. 

Heidi and I also dip our threads in mineral oil.  it doesn't show and I've never had any indication when I wash the quilts.

now and then when the humidity is very low, I also use a bit of spray silicone on the quilt top, and once had to use it on the backing.

I only spray a small area at a time.  maybe a foot or so, unless doing a large panto.  I've never had it show uo after washing.


have a sandwich handy to check your stitching, and make any needed adjustments.


Have FUN with your machines,, and feel the shoulders relaxing.


P.S.  I forgot the most weird thing that happened with us.  Himself had the needle end open and couldn't find one screw to close it back up.

He had a spare, and it had a small burr on the top, and the thread would now and then get snagged, casing a mess.  We now TRY to remember to run the emery cloth over each screw cap that we've taken out and put back in.  Saving frustration can be very easy.

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