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APQS machine with Intelliquilter

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I am looking into purchasing a long arm....  so excited. Not sure if it will be APQS or Gammill. Love the Creative Studio software. Has anyone used IQ? and do you have 12 inch or anyone out there with the 9.7 inch version?  Any regrets? Advice welcome.  This is a big step for me and you are the experts. Thanks in advance


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Check with IQ but I believe the deal is you can upgrade at a later date without penalty just pay the difference. So if money is a little tight at the start go with the smaller unit and upgrade when needed. I have the full version on the larger tablet, the smaller wasn't available when I bought mine. I think the small one would be fine for mostly pantographs. Sometimes I would like more screen when doing custom quilting however. Try emailing Chrystal Smythe of http://www.intelligentquilting.com/and ask her about her set up. She has 4 APQS machines all with IQ and I believe both sizes of tablets. She pops in here every now and again but I don't remember her screen name.


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The 9.7" is the BasiQ and the 12" is the ClassiQ. The BasiQ has refurbished motors and a few of the super high end editing features are not on the BasiQ. The ClassiQ has everything and SuperMotors too. There is also the ClassiQ-LTE which has about 10" tablet but the same exact software as the ClassiQ and is a good compromise if budget is an issue. 


I have a number of customers who love their BasiQ systems. I also have a bunch who love their ClassiQ- LTE and ClassiQ system. So... it is hard to tell you which is the best fit for you without knowing the kind of quilting you prefer. Are you doing a lot of high level custom quilting? If so, go for one of the ClassiQ versions. Are you a more utilitarian quilter? Then the BasiQ might be better for you. 


I'd be happy to talk more about their differences. My phone number is below! 

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