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I want to get an open-toe hopping foot for my Millie but there are so many options, sneaker foot, horseshoe foot, and I can't even remember all the others. Which one is the best to get? When I had my Tiara and my other long arm there was only one to choose from. I am so confused. Any advice will be so appreciated. Thanks!

Cyndi C.

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I bought the Flip Flop and the Sneaker foot. I do a lot of ruler work and the the regular foot that comes on the machine is best for me since I use the front of the foot.

The Flip Flop is a low profile small foot and the Sneaker foot is the open toe. Is your Mille ready for the Interchangeable Feet? I have an older Mille and had to upgrade it to take the feet. I've attached the old brochure APQS sent me a couple of years ago. It might help you.



APQS Millenium in

Spring Creek, NV

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