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Mt. Redoubt - looking for your ideas on quilting it


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(This was originally posted in a different forum... it was suggested that I move it to another one - hope this is the correct place for attention and comments.)


Am perplexed and need your ideas, please.  The attached photos show the quilt top laid out on a king bed - so it's not perfectly lined up for the side or foot drapes.  The middle panel/medallion is already quilted and will be quilted again on the long arm - just enough to make the quilt sandwich secure and happy.  There is a lot of background fabric plus the flying geese and the panels (which are about 12" x 13" on the side and foot drapes) - these panels are not a border..  This is going to an Army couple (both are West Point grads) who will live in Alaska.


I will be quilting this queen size quilt on a semi-long arm and am a novice (but very good at meandering on the long arm!).  Therefore, not skilled at long-arm quilting.  But willing to learn and push the envelope.


I'd love to hear ideas from you folks about how to quilt this top...  Thank you, in advance, for your assistance.



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Linda originally posted her question with pictures under Troubleshooting and Tips- Ask the Expert - How Should I Quilt this...?  She was told that she would get more response if she posted it under another topic.  


At the present time, whenever I try to use the link or picture buttons, the APQS system will not allow me to link or upload.  My screen just changes in color shade.  Anyway, here is the link that you can cut and paste to your browser;  




Interesting, when I pasted the link text to the above post, the system automatically made the text a hyperlink.  


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