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  1. judyday

    I made a massive mistake

    Listen. You victims have to hold him accountable. Lack of that is encouraging him to prey on others. File criminal charges on him. File civil charges on him. Report to state better business bureau. Report to state attorney general's, quilting guilds and anyone who might be his target.. stand up for ourselves. These letters just go on and on. Enough is enough. Evidently unfair practices is all he understands so be creative to stop him.
  2. judyday

    Just got my Lenni

    So excited for you. Welcome to a great group.
  3. judyday

    George Deluxe Table

    If it is the one from APQS it folds flat. Very nice table. I believe it would fit in an SUV.
  4. Dont think about the other machines for a while. Just concentrate on yours and get really familiar with it. Bloom where you are planted. Then if you want to change, go for it. Life is short. Live it.
  5. judyday

    NQR...New Addition

    Looks like you are in store for a long friendship. Enjoy the ride.
  6. Congratulations. I know you will enjoy. Be sure to post pictures of your projects.
  7. I only know that gammill is a good brand as is Viking. I went to an APQS road show. I was very impressed with the simplicity of their machines. I am a fix it kind of gal. I bought it in 2015. No fixing yet.
  8. Jim. Good advice. I will surely remember this. I am starting a quilt today that i will be winding my own bobbins.
  9. I haven’t had this problem but I am surely interested. Good luck.
  10. judyday

    tension problems

    Not having problem now but Georgia and I might get in the future. Want to be ready.
  11. judyday

    Sewing Machines

    Jim. There are some ladies on one of my Facebook groups that are coming to camp in Tucson. I told them about you. If you will send me a private message with your phone number I will give it to them. Well try to get judy’S treasures out to someone that will love them.
  12. judyday

    Sewing Machines

    Jim. We have had to cancel our trip to Tucson. My husband and i both have had bronchitis in February. His advanced to lung inflammation. He developed blood clots in his lungs. Had to spend several days in hospital. Just not physically able to make the meetings. Hope you can still attend. I think you will enjoy. Im so sorry for the loss of your wife. Bless you as you continue your life.
  13. Joyce. You are very generous. You have enriched someone ‘s life. They may not even how much yet. You will reap blessings.
  14. judyday

    Sewing Machines

    Well actually I will be with our horses and stagecoach. There is a gathering of stagecoach enthusiasts there as well as some things planned at Tubac.