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Top thread is breaking within a minute of stitching. It is winter and very dry. I have new pigtails on. Tension looks good on the stitches. I swapped out the bobbin case and rethreaded top also. Still the same problem. I also changed to a new needle. Suggestions?

Frustrated in Oklahoma


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Are you using thread that you have used successfully before?  Needle in correctly?  Try rethreading completely (never mind I see you have done that) When the thread snaps does the thread pull easily through the machine, I have a couple of Glide cones the the thread is not wound well and it gets hung up on itself.  A tiny piece of broken thread in your hook can cause all kinds of grief as well so get out the good flashlight and magnifying glass.  It won’t hurt to try the WD 40 clean and oil the hook.

Just a couple of ideas


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You said it is winter and very dry.  Have you tried Sewer's Aid on your thread?  Do you have the correct size needle for the thread you are using?  When you rethreaded, did you pull the thread out and completely start over?  Double checked your thread path?  Made sure your top tension is not too tight?

Let us know what happens!

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