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Is it possible to quilt when top is same size as backing?

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You can sew or baste some scrap fabric to the back all the way around to use as leaders to attach to.  This still requires the back to be an inch larger than the top.  If you do this make sure you add the pita charge to the bill.  We often tell customers to do this when the back is slightly smaller than we require.


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It is very time consuming and difficult to do.  I was doing a quilt for a friend and explained I wanted the back four inches bigger on all sides than the front.  She brought it with barely an inch bigger.  I did it for her, but i wish I would have just told her "NO" because I've done several since then for her and she still makes them very short.  It saves her fabric she insists.  It gives me headaches I insist.  Well, she has waited over 6 months to have another one done and I'm not in any hurry.  I have never charged her to do any of them.  You need to insist they come to you the way you want them or you will constantly be working harder than you need too.

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