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wedding ring quilt

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Hi Carol - Welcome to the forum! I have done these and how I load it is

to just pretend it has a straight bottom edge. Pin to your leader (or zipper)

as if it were. You can usually line it up pretty well by following the piecing.

Then I just lay the scallops into the leader and roll it like a normal, square

quilt. Takes a bit more time in pinning and basting the top and side edges.

It really helps if there is stay-stitching around the edges, or at least if they

are nice and tight. You don't want to be pulling the seams apart!

Good Luck!! We look forward to seeing some of your quilting.....:)

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Hi to all --

I'm here in Sisters, OR and will be picking up my machine this

Saturday in Salem. Can't wait to get started -

Between family, friends, and my own - I should have lots to practice on to wet my Quilting Fever. I've been checking out all the good stuff in this website and I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed about now. Thanks for sharing - this is a gold mine of information.


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Hi Tracy - Welcome to the forum! This IS the best place to be! So many

great people and wonderful photos of quilts and quilting!! :D Oh - I would

love to go to Sisters, OR for that big outdoor quilt show - I bet you have

been there.... We are having a little one in a town by here in July I think....

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Guest Linda S

Hey Oregon Gals! I'm down here in Eugene! I probably won't go to the Sisters show this year because the old McKenzie Highway will be closed and I can't sneak in and out of town the back way. I like to avoid all that traffic.


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Hi Tracy,

We have an active group of longarm quilters here in Central Oregon. We meet occasionally to share ideas and support each other in our work. Linda Bussey from LaPine is our official, "official" and we'd love to have you join us next time we meet. I'll give her a heads up to contact you. She's on this chat quite often and I'm sure you'll here from her. IN the meantime, enjoy!

~~ Eva H.

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