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Thread is getting caught in hook, breaking


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I can't tell for sure, but it looks like your thread is getting caught in the hook's race.  If your hook is in good condition, I don't think that should be happening.  It would seem there is too much clearance, and the hook needs to be replaced.  To test, pull and push on the center post.  If there's any movement, the hook is bad and should be replaced.  If you need to replace the hook, and you want a larger bobbin, it might be a good time to upgrade with an M bobbin conversion.  Jim

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HI, I'm having the same problem intermittently, the picture above looks like what I'm getting.  Also my bobbin thread seems to be shredding a times.  So I pulled and pushed on the center post and it didn't move but I heard a metallic rattling noise and it seems to jiggle just a little but hardly any.  How much movement are we talking about here?  




Kathy Baumbusch

The Quilting Frolic, LLC

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The metallic rattling you heard is probably the bobbin basket hitting the finger that controls it's travel.  It's hard to fiddle with the hook without rotating it sightly, and that might be what you're feeling.  There shouldn't be any play in the hook.  It should only rotate and not move any other way.  Jim

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