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Ultimate 1 and a Stitch Regulator

Cary Ritter

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This topic comes up several times each year.  This is my response to someone a couple of years ago.  It may not be current as I’ve retired and am not paying much attention to the industry.  


APQS will not add it but you could trade the head in for a certified used machine and keep the table.  I believe pumpkinpatchquilter did this a few years ago and the price must have been ok as she was considering adding Intellistitch.  

There are two aftermarket systems I know of for stitch regulation.  The most common one being Intellistitch.    They used to do in studio installations but there are very few installers anymore. This is the same regulator that Nolting has been using for many years.   Nolting will do the install at their factory if you can't get an installer to come to you and the price is around $3000. Member here Abercroft was going to send her machine to Nolting maybe pm here and find out her experience with doing this.

The other system is called Perfect Stitch by Quilt EZ.  It is more money and I believe this is the regulator Nolting is using on their top of the line NV machine.  I have seen one on an Ultimate 2 machine and the install wasn't very attractive and the machine had been damaged on the way to Quilt Canada so it wasn't working well either.

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Hi, this is Abercroft.

I did send my machine to Nolting as the local installer seemed to disappear. It was four years again and I’m sorry but I don’t remember how much shipping was from Vancouver Canada, to Iowa and back again, but it wasn’t nearly as much as I thought it would be.

They installed the regulator and sent it back, took about two- three weeks. Machine works great, I had no problems whatsoever. 

I brought my machine to Scotland with me when I moved here, three years ago. I use it with a transformer I got off of eBay to switch the electrical power  from the UK 220v to the US 110v. I have had no problems at all. 

It was impression that Nolting will no longer retrofit machines. Seems I slid in right under the rail and got one of the last ones they did.


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