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My friend has an Ultimate !!


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My friend has an Ultimate !! machine, and it seems to work great except when he tries to work on a t-shirt quilt,  For some reason

it starts skipping stitches a lot and can not quilt without skipping.

We have tried different needles, thread, and lots of things, but it isn't just the areas of the t-shirts that have more texture to them.

I was wondering if raising the foot would be of any help.  It doesn't seem to drag or anything, but just trying to troubleshoot anything that would be helpful.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

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Welcome to the forum.

I think T-shirt material tends to be stretchy and that is the root of your problem.  If the fabric stretches downwards as the needle enters the fabric it will drag the top thread as the needle start to come up and can reduce or eliminate that loop of thread needed for the hook to catch and make a stitch. I think raising the foot would make the problem worse.  On a domestic machine you normally use a ball point needle for stretchy fabric so maybe that would help.  Here is a quick description of some of the needles that are readily available.  https://www.apqs.com/a-guide-to-needles-for-longarm-quilting-machines/

The other idea would be to use stabilizer on the back of the T-shirt fabric.  https://newquilters.com/t-shirt-quilts-stabilizing-shirts/


Hopefully some others will have more ideas


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You must use stabilizer on the back of all the knit fabric.  I've done way more of these than I'd have liked (think hate) and they are almost impossible to do without it.

You say "Ultimate !!.  Is that Ult 2 ?  I have one, but I use my Gammill most of the time for T shirt quilts because it has an hopping foot, and the the Ult 2 doesn't.  The presser foot of the Ult 2 doesn't work very well on knits.  Jim 

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I moved to Belize and took my Ultimate 1 with me. Just set it up and running. having problems with the drive motor cutting in and out but ,only when using compu-Quilter. Checked wires from speed control, wires from optic switch, installed new drive motor. Any ideas.


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