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tension too tight?

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HI, my tension is even on the top and bottom but it seems very very tight, compared to a domestic especially but even compared to other videos I watch (pulling bobbin thread up and securing stitches etc) it seems very taut. Is this normal? i'm not having breakage and as I said the tension between bobbin and top seems even so i haven't adjusted, I  just wanted to confirm. 

Also does anyone else have the stitch up/ stitch down button operate very slowly? press it and the needle takes a while to go up or down? a full stitch probably takes close to 5 seconds? 
I haven't adjusted anything as this is my first long arm and it could be normal and i just need to adjust to it instead of what i'm anticipating. 


thanks in advance.


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Nicole:  I guess stitch tightness is a matter of personal choice.  I like tight stitches and probably run my machines tighter than most other quilters.  As long as they are even and there is no thread breakage I'm OK.  I run my bobbin tension at about 210 on my TOWA bobbin tension gauge, and set the top tension to produce a balanced stitch.

Since my Ult 2 has an Intellistitch regulator, not one made by APQS, I can't advise you on adjustments, however I think there was a post in the last week or two about slow single stitch time, and there were references noted that should help you with  that issue.  Search recent posts and I'm sure you'll find it.  Good luck.  Jim

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Hi Nicole  

Properly adjusted the needle up/down will take about 1 second each direction so about 2 seconds for a complete stitch.  If the machine is new I would wait for a month or two as it will get a little quicker as the machine breaks in.  If you go to the APQS website and look under support you will find some service videos.  There is one there for how to adjust needle up/down speed.



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