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Needle Positioner Lockout

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I just setup a new to me 2004 Millennium.  The former owner advised thee were no issues when the machine was taken down.  Note, the former owner moved Millie from one city to another, then stored her New dry garage for 6 months, until I purchased her.  (Boxed up for 6 months).  Upon my purchase, I transported her very cautiously, 936 miles to my home.  She was stored at my home 3 weeks while I made room for her.

 Upon completing the setup this morning, I powered the unit on, and saw two red lights on the left side, in positions 3 and 4, which indicates Needle Positioner Lockout and Needle Down Sensor.  When attempting to use the needle up/down bottom on the right handle, the needle does raise very lowly, it will also go down very slowly.  Anyone have ideas I can try before Monday morning? 


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The needle positioning is fairly slow on these machines, like maybe 2 seconds to go down and back up.  There is an adjustment for it but much faster than that and the machine will just keep on cycling.  First take the left side cover off and put one drop of oil on the needle bar and the hopping foot bar just above the bushings and put the cover back on.  Add oil to the top of the wicks if your finger comes up dry when you touch them.  Start the machine in manual and run add medium speed for about five minutes.  Now try the needle up/down and see if it is to your liking.  Here is the adjustment procedure.




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