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Baste a quilt

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I have been asked, by a friend,  to baste a quilt (on my Freedom) so she can quilt it on her sit-down-longarm (not a brand I am  familiar with).  She thinks it is a 10-minute job for me  and will make it easier for her to control the quilt as she quilts it.  I agree that it will make the  job easier for her but I feel it will be quite time consuming for me.  Do I quilt in meandering or straight lines, what length stitches?   I will load the three layers and make sure it is squarely loaded.  I am a very fussy loader. She is not  careful to make the  neatest or straightest of quilt tops.  How do I do this and make it easy (or nice) for both of us.  



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I do this about twice a year--mostly for my hand-quilting friends. I charge a half-cent per square inch with a $50 minimum for this. But if you want, you can charge her by the hour. It may take you longer to load it than to stitch it, but you still need to be paid for your time. A moderate-sized quilt may take 2 hours total, so the $50 minimum is fair. No way is it a 10 minute job. Attached is a diagram of my quilting path for basting. It's a grid without long verticals and is very fast. Use a heavier, contrasting poly and a long stitch-length for ease of stitch-removal. Don't cross at the corners so the fabric can be manipulated by the quilter if necessary. Don't let your friend make the decisions ---she doesn't know what's involved. This technique and attaching binding on the longarm are services you can advertise. Not everyone offers them.


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