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Where did I go wrong???


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Well, I think maybe I shoulda stayed in bed today...

My friend asked me to rush a quilt for an ill family member. My Millie worked fine on the last one yesterday, but when I started this one today, thread keeps breaking every 8 inches, skipped stitches, or stops stitching period...

I have adjusted top tension up and down all morning, and bottom tension is loose drops 5-6 inches for the metal bobbin. I have repeatedly checked thread path. I have pulled the hook assembly forward as close as I can toward the needle without deflecting it to the point that it bends substantially. I have taken bobbin assembly out and cleaned everything twice. I have tried different thread even...

All with varying degrees of the same result.

The only thing I have not tried yet is tightening the wheels which I just read here may discourage the skipping in stitch regulated mode.

Does anyone here have a better idea as to what may be wrong???

If you can think of anything please tell me. I am desperate!


P.S. Does anybody know how to remove that lovely gray gear grease that seems to ooze out from under my machine? I got it on the quilt too...

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I just got off the phone with Heidi and she seems to have hung in there and got everything fixed!!!!! (way to go Heidi) I'm soooo...proud of you!!!!!

Turns out, she did have a burr down in the hook and then she had to keep working with her tension!!!

If I missed anything else, let us know Heidi...


APQS service Mgr/ Tech..

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Thanks for all your support!!! I was up til 2am. I took the whole thing apart, took off the back rollers, pulled off the head and cleaned everything that would open. I now understand the whole gear grease situation... Did that too. Sticky, but fun.

Sanded the hook, cleaned everything, you will be happy to know I finally figured out how to sew my quilt top/bottom to my zip on leaders... No more pinning. Yippee!!! Those little babies are a godsend!

When all was done at 2pm today I had a beautiful quilt READY and delivered to my girlfriend, a smooth running machine, and I can not remember the last time I felt so empowered I was able to fix it WITHOUT the aid of my husband, although I did speak repeatedly to my therapist (Connie Hurst) for support, but I won!!!

My Millie and I are best friends again.:D

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