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If a person buys a APQS machine which is still under factory

warranty, will APQS honor the balance of that warranty?

Does APQS offer extended warranty on any of their machines?

(never heard/ready anybody comment on this)

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Here's a post from Connie Hurst from back in 2005. I'd still call APQS and find out . . things could have changed since then. There's just not that much that can go wrong and most parts are easily switched out at home by us so if I came across a good used machine, at a good price, I wouldn't be real concerned about the warranty.

Hi Everyone,

Just wanted to let you know, The warranty does NOT pass on from owner to owner! Sorry..

We do still service all our machines, and we will treat you

as if you were the original owner! Feel free to contact us anytime!!!!!

Judy Laquidara

Brownwood, TX

APQS Millennium


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This quote from Connie is still true. We do not pass warranties on and we do not sell extended warranties. If you purchase a machine 2nd hand we still consider you an APQS customer and will service your machine and take care of you just as if you bought from us to begin with! Call us if you have questions. 800-426-7233

Take care,

Posted Image

APQS Sales

800-426-7233 ext.202

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And that is just one of the many reasons why APQS is so wonderful, and I so thrilled with my girl!


Beth Durand

Elizabeth Originals Custom Quilting

2006 APQS Millenium

Authorized APQS Dealer

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