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How to fix/avoid sever fullness on both of quilt?

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I just finished a 54"w x 90"l T-shirt quilt, which ended up having a lot  of fullness on the bottom border.  Because I have a Lenni on a 12' frame I loaded the quilt with the length on the frame, instead of my normal procedure of loading by the width.  That way I could do fewer passes and avoid the back of my Lenni's head hitting the quilt building up on the roller as I worked to the bottom of the quilt.  Before loading the quilt, my measurements were 90"w on the top, middle and bottom of the quilt but it grew when I came to quilt the bottom border.  The quilt stayed very straight throughout the quilting process and my panto was not a heavy stitching pattern.  Any ideas about what went wrong and how I can avoid this problem in the future?  Oh and I did baste the quilt when I saw that it was getting too much fullness.

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The only thing I can think of is that it stretched when rolling the quilt.  Since it was a T-shirt quilt, it should have been basted through out prior to quilting no matter which direction you had loaded the quilt top.  I do not trust T-shirt quilts to not stretch, even if they had the proper interfacing on the shirt part, as they love to mess with you when quilting....lol.  


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