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Organizing Pantographs Digitally

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Hi Everyone - 

We currently have a binder with over 100 images of the digital E2E pantographs that we offer at our quilt shop. This works well enough, but I would like to also organize these digitally. My ultimate goal is to somehow connect this digital database with our website so that customers can preview them before they bring their quilt in. In the meantime, I would also like to be able to access it in-store for the instances when there is more than 1 person leaving a quilt for quilting. I'm looking for possibly an app or software that I can upload an image of the pantograph as well as its name. I'd also like to be able to alphabetize and organize by categories, such as Christmas, Leaves, Flowers, etc. Do you have any suggestions for me? We do have a Clover system so their might be an app for that, but I just haven't found it yet! Maybe I should stop over-thinking and just use Google Sheets? Thanks for the help!

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There's Pinterest but searching by letter doesn't work well for that.  Have you looked at Evernote or OneNote?  They have sharing options and the search functions are pretty good.  I use OneNote at work to store emails and can find emails by any word in the email.  They both have tagging so you could create tags for Christmas, Leaves, etc.  Since they have robust searches, actual tags aren't necessary if you just add the key words to the "notes".


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Contact you local high school to speak with the computer programming or business department.  The teacher and students can see what you have and then possibly suggest or even put it all together for you.  

Recently my daughter's class was Business Academy was asked to help with promoting and developing advertising for local restaurant that was opening.  The kids got real world experience and the business got some great ideas and options they used in promoting their new business.  

The business gave back funds they earned to support the high school program in the future.  

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