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Hi all,

We have been practicing  on our new to us Freedom SR and try and try to follow a pantograph design. The machine moves smoothly front to back and side to side but trying to move in a diagonal direction gives us a hard time….   Is this normal?  We have practiced  hour after hour and just can’t do it..  We are also having continual tension problems and just can’t seem to figure this out.    We took the beginner course last month and while it had a lot of good information, it should have  some actual time on the machines…

We are questioning our purchase of the machine……



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It does take some practice. You’re making two sets of wheels move in perpendicular directions to go diagonally. Don’t go too slow and hold the handles loosely. Try one hand on a handle and the other on the back of the machine. Look for YouTube videos by whirlsnswirls quilting. She just did a series of 8 videos about pantos and free motion. Take the thread and needle out to practice or warm up for quilting.  

Have you looked at the info on APQS website for tension?  There is some good info there. If you’re having tension issues in one direction only, rotating the needle left or right just a smidge may help. 


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Diagonal is the most difficult.  Just keep practicing, and don't be too critical of your results.  As to tension, tighten the top tension until the bobbin thread is pulled to the top, then loosen it until you get a balanced stitch.  Remember, tension will vary somewhat depending on which way the machine is moving, and stitches per inch.  (more stitches - tighter tension, fewer stitches - looser tension)  Hang in there and keep practicing.  Good luck.  Jim

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