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Thread drag coming off spool

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When I use my So Fine variegated thread, I get a lot of thread breakage.  It seems to occur when the thread is coming off the bottom of the spool, as if the thread gets caught up down there and won't unwind well.   The cone shape is a little different that my glide cones.  Would a horizontal thread cone holder help?  Or am I totally off base as to why this is happening?   If I stand behind the machine and gently "help" the thread along, everything goes fine. Any help would be appreciated.  I would like to use more variegated thread and I have a number of spools of So Fine.

thanks, Nancy

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Cross wound spools should have the thread pull off the top. Straight wound spools should have thread pull off the side of the spool. Have you tried a thread net?  Or possibly silicone thread conditioner like Sewers Aid?  

If you’re on a longarm machine, stick a small piece of batting in the first thread guide above your spool.  It shouldn’t be tight - just to take up some space so the thread can’t jump around in that guide. 


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