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Bobbin thread unwinding in machine

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I am having issues with the bobbin thread inside the bobbin case unwinding when I am using the Millie machine. The thread looks like the bobbin spins in reverse when stopped. I have tried different bobbins the wound thread on the bobbin looks good.  Have replaced the spring inside the case. I am sure it is something simple. Tried the little fingers on spring up and down in case. Not sure anymore which way is right. 

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I have trouble remembering which way the bobbin goes in.  On my Freddie, when I hold the bobbin case in my hand, the thread coming off the bobbin should be like a cursive/small letter q (for quilt), not a p.  

I never have to remember with my sewing machine - I have a Bernina that uses proprietary bobbins and they only fit in the bobbin case one way.  

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