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Mary Ehrichs

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I use a zipper system and it works for me very well.  I do pin backing to the zippers with safety pins which does take time, but if I need to take the quilt off before I'm done I can zip it off and zip the new one on; then when I put the old one back on I get it back on straight every time. You can get zippers from
The Quilting Connection https://stores.longarmconnection.com/quick-zip-system/

I did use Leader Grips and they were fast, but when I started renting my quilter out I switched to zippers so people could get their backs ready ahead of time.  I don't rent the machine out anymore but I still like the zippers   If you don't want to do any pinning I'd go with Leader Grips.  https://leadergrips.com/

Good luck!

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