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I would guess you unscrew the textured screw all the way out so the hole is open.  That hole is where you mount it on the machine shaft and then tighten that textured screw again to lock it into place.  Unscrew the large wheel to insert the laser as shown on the package - then tighten that also.  If you're still having trouble, email APQS directly using the contact us page on the main APQS website.  

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On 3/18/2023 at 3:00 PM, Teresa24 said:

Trying to put laser on my millennium machine.   Looking for help

Hello! Did either of you figure out how to mount the new style laser light on your machines? I’m having the same problem. It seems there is a large opening on the light apparatus (for the textured screw) and a small opening, and the mounting rod does not fit into the small opening.  Can anyone help? 

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