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Hi there. Still babying my Compuquilter. I’m having trouble with the y axis. I just randomly loose the backward movement. It changes to forward. The x axis works fine.  Is this a stepping motor issue or a sensor issue or a motherboard connection issue?

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Hello. I recently bought a 2007 Apqs and 14 ft table and it has the compuquilter computer system but lady i purchased from was selling for someone else told me that it doesnt work but thinks its only a loose wire possibility caused by disassembled or moving the system.

I really would like to get this fixed and see if i can teach myself to use it. Does anyone in the long arm community know someone who can help me with this? I live in Ontario Canada. I am having the long arm set up in the next 2 weeks and would love some advice on this. 



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Hello Donna, 

I just finished disassembling my 2005 so Millie with CompuQuilter and took a bunch of pictures as I took it apart, I also labeled all of the connections, so Maybe I have something that can help you get your machine back up and running.  I also have 2 copies of the CompuQuilter Manual and would be happy to share one with you.  



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Oh Cheryl,  Please and a big Thankyou.  I also found someone who will take a look and try to get it assembled and back up and running and this would be such a huge help for him. I cant Thankyou enough. I have really felt stuck with this trying to get some help. Im new at this and really would like to learn it but not at the expense of a new one especially when its just a hobby. I hope you dont mind if i have questions along the way.


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