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Ultimate II For FREE

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Upgraded to a Statler in 2003 but it's now broken and cannot be fixed or upgraded because it is an APQS machine. I'd like it to be used and not end up in the dump so I thought I'd offer it here for free. Hoping someone is able to convert it back to original APQS Ultimate II.

1993 Ultimate II

I'm the original and only owner. In 30 years it has never needed maintenance or repairs.

20" throat

12' wooden table

Glide foot

NO delivery! You are responsible for teardown and pickup.

Located NE FL

Price FREE





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No longer working since the Statler computer died. It cannot be used as a Statler anymore because they do not make the hardware that died. But if someone knows how to change it back to Ultimate II they would have a working machine for free.

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5 hours ago, LoveFromOrlando said:

So it's not working and can't be fixed? Sorry, I'm a bit confused. 

You would have to take the statler computer off of the machine to use as a non computerized machine.  I would contact APQS  they would be able to help you get this machine back in good working condition.  Since the set up is FREE,  it would be worth trying to get it working. 

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jimerickson... The front handles are still there. You can see them in the last photo. I'll add another picture that shows both front and back handles.

The motor is a Gamill motor that was used for the Statler. I believe you'll have to replace it.

The only failure was the Statler hardware. The machine was running very well until that happened.

I'm hopeful someone could reverse it back to full APQS and continue to use this workhorse.


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Silly me!  I just looked past the handles.  I guess they just got lost in the background.  Sorry.  Do the controls include a half stitch or single stitch feature?  I know that Intellistitch machines could run without stitch control, but it was necessary for them to install the single stitch feature to use such a machine Jim

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