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two questions

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I received a spool of Poly Quilter thread when I bought my Millennium. I want to use it on a customer quilt because it's the color I need! The Superior Thread Reference Guide says to use a Topstitch needle for this type of thread. What? I can't put a topstitch needle in my Milli, can I? I would like to use the Poly Quilter on top, and Bottom line in the bobbin. Is this workable? Do I need a special needle, or tension adjustment?

Second question: Do longarms sometimes need a break? Yesterday, I quilted for many hours steady, and began having top thread breaking problems. I wondered if I was overworking my poor machine. I got carried away and went on until the wee hours.



Inverness, FL

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First of all on the plastic wrap that covers the poly quilter thread when you receive it, has a label on it that tells you what size needle to use for various machines (the sticker on the inside of the cone of thread which says to use a topstitching needle does not apply to long arm machines it is for the DSM user. Go by the instructions on the label on the plastic which says the following....

HOME MACHINES: Use a Schmitz Topstitch #100/16 needle. Loosen tension to 2.

APQS: Use an MR-4 or MR-4.5 needle, Loosen tension (top tension).

Gammill, Nolting, Nustyle: Use a size 18 or 20 needle. Adjust tension as necessary. Bypass intermittent tensioner.

So to answer your first question the needle size that came with your Millie is fine for the poly quilter thread, just loosen the top tension a bit so there you can pull the thread without alot of tension or thread breakage.

To answer your second question about whether APQS machines need a break from running long into the night, mine never has I run my machine sometimes 12 or more hours at a time without any problems. The problems you were having with thread breakage as the hours went on were most likely do to human fatigue (when I start to get tired I tend to run through my design more quickly than at the begining of the quilting, sometimes when you go too fast the needle flexes more and doesn't have the time to recover before the next stitch causing thread breakage . So when you quilt for long hours remember to try to keep your pace consistent and don't try to RUSH through just to get it done before you call it quilts for the day.

Hope this helps-


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