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The On/Off switch

Circle Square

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Mark explained in a class at MQX in 2006 that the on/off switch is on the back because there is no room in the front part of the machine for it(the guts are too full there). Unless something has changed in the last year or so, that is the reason the switch is in the back. An easy fix is to utilize a power strip with an on/off button to control the on/off function of you longarm(it took me about six months to figure that out!:cool:)

Jill Kerekes

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Hi Jill

Do you have a photo of that, I have a friend who last night described her Millennium as a "wall to wall" Millennium. it fills the whole width of the room and she has to crawl under the table to get to the on/off switch.

I'm sure she would like a way of turning it off from the front.

Sue in Australia

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