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Bliss Table Not Square?

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Something seems off with my Bliss table. Today I used a laser level to check it a from a few different spots, and it seems that the table is "unsquare" by about 3/8" to 1/2" from one end to the other. I can't find any instructions or guidelines on how to remedy this. Any suggestions? Thanks!

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Are you talking square or level?  If it's square, then your frame is "racked" and needs to have the long corner pushed toward the short corner.  I don't know exactly how your frame is made, but I'd guess by loosening the bolts holding it together and forcing it toward square, then tightening the bolts, would do the job.  You can check squareness by measuring diagonally corner to corner.  Your table will be square when the two measurements are exactly the same.  

If you're talking about level, then adjusting the height of the individual legs should do the job for you.  Good luck.  Jim

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