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baptist fan on cq wont nest


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I do have one baptist fan pattern that doesn't line up because the digitising doesn't overstitch accurately, although it looks good on the screen. The larger you increase the size of the pattern the larger gap becomes.

For designs like this, where it is important that the spacing between rows is NIL or must be perfect, I load my top fabric to the No2 roller to stop it shifting.

If its the pattern, I would write to the designer and ask if it can be altered. Designers are improving their skills and updating tools all the time so I'm sure they would welcome ideas to improve their patterns.

Best wishes

sue in Auistralia

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Hi "Quilt&Sew", I don't think I can give you many tips. This was one of the first designs I used with the CQ. What I remember doing is stitching off the top and bottom and off the sides enough to be sure all areas of the quilt were quilted appropriately.

I also remember setting the design size but I probably left it pretty much to the default size as I wasn't ready to experiment too much yet. I also remember that before I stitched each row I did a "dry run" meaning I ran the CQ with the needle in the off position. I watched very carefully as to where the needle would be going to be sure I had each row aligned properly. I probably needed to move the alignment slightly either up or down after I moved the index amount to get everything aligned properly.

I wish I could be of more help to you, but just take your time and check before you stitch and the design will stitch out nicely.

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