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Laser Light From Front of Machine

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I have an APQS Millenium machine and am curious about using a laser light from the front of the machine. For some designs I think that would be easier than trying to do it from behind the machine or to chalk the design. Does APQS sell separate laser lights that we could attach on the front of our machines, and if so, how would you recommend attaching them? (I'm assuming I can't/shouldn't move around the light that came on the machine.)

Has anyone on this list tried this (successfully)? I'd appreciate your insight. Thank you.

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Guest Linda S

Tall Pines - there should be a laser light post on the top front of your machine that is for the laser light. It can easily be moved there for use at the front of the machine. It should plug into a hole on the left side of the machine, about mid-way between the front and the back.


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On 5/11/2005 at 3:30 PM, QuilterSue said:

I have done this - moved the laser pointer from the back of the machine to the front of the machine. It is very easy as it basically unplugs from one area and plugs into the other. I believe there were directions in my set-up manual/notebook that came with my Millennium.:)

Hi QuilterSue,

I came across your post when I was looking for the same answer. I am going to buy a used Mellie. Do you know where I can go to take longarm quilting lessons in Phoenix area? Do you have a technician you would use if the machine has a problem? There are two reps on APQS's website. One has moved out of state and the other is one hour's drive from me. Thank you so much!

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6 hours ago, jimerickson said:

Bee:  This post is 15 years old, so I doubt you'll get an answer form the poster.  Try personal message to her.  She might still be involved.  Jim

@jimerickson, Jim, I did see this the other day and have been in touch with Bee. I couldn't believe she was able to pull up such old posts and I actually got online and saw it. You just never know!

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