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Studio pics

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Getting things organized and having a good flow in your space is so important. I do admit I am very blessed and I have a lot of space. But when it comes to the task at hand I like my tools right at my fingertips. My threads and such are right behind me and I have a counter top for things I am using. Actually it is an inexpensive door from the hardware store. One of my fav places:)


Sleep.....I have had so much fun "nesting" this week. The TV is my birthday present to me ;)


:P I didn\'t get to that room yet, Okay I only showed the organized stuff so here is the rest unsincered, :( Maybe in December I might need to do more "nesting"



My batting bar came from APQS, a must have, pull it out cut it off. love it. See more photos :D

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Ah yes! The famous (infamous) batting storage. That is why God made shower stalls with frosted glass doors! Love it!

I like having the things I use all the time within arms reach, too. I like just being able to turn around and there it is. I tend to organize every area that way, desks, kitchen. I don\'t like the huge kitchens, I want everything compact and within a couple of steps of my work area. I end up with little pools of clutter and then everywhere else is bare!

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