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I am just finally getting around to using my quilt ez and my stylus jumps out of the grooves. What is the trick to using this? Also I have the stops for the templates but I don't know if I want to use them because I don't want to stick them on my table and then find out I don't like them there and be stuck with them.

If any of you who are using the system could please post some pictures of your set-up I would appreciate it.


Sheryl Hardy

APQS Sales Representative

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So far I am nothing but happy with my Quilt EZ products and their service as well. I do post on their website and there is lots of great info there about thier products.

Other than a faulty stylus I would say you did not crank down your screw enough. You have to get that on really tight.

So far I have bough all my templates used from other quilters online. I have 4 Baptist fan templates (just did a huge king quilt and did not have enogh templates so I carefully moved the first one to the end back and forth each row and that worked shifting of any of the other templates but I was very careful). I also have the double spiral, hearts, and the stars

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After placing the template on your table top and dropping the stylus tip into the template, make sure the tip is compressed about 1/2 way. The spring will then account for a high or low point in the table.

As for the stops, the sticky backs are cut so only one small sticky section is removed at a time. This won\'t leave any residue on your table top and makes it easy to "pop" them off. Of course those other tips of helping the templates to stay in place are still in effect. The most effective being washing the table top and foam backing to ensure no dust.

Joe Cullumber


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Hi all,

I am new here and waiting for my lenni to arrive. I have some of the quilt E-Z boards but not sure how to advance the quilt and get every thing lined up.... any advice?

Sandy G

APQS Lenni

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