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Help need football design for CQ


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Of course I decided to do a Huskies quilt for my honey for Christmas (at the last minute). He does not realize Cougars eat Dawgs for breakfast--go Cougs-- so he'll get his Huskies quilt. I used the UW fabric from Hancocks and the disappearing nine patch pattern with coordinating purple and tan solids and some gold lame for the center of the original nine patch. It came out really cool, but here is the problem. I am quilting it with a fleece UW panel on the back and would like footballs all over it. I can't find a CQ pattern for footballs. Anyone know of one somewhere. I checked all my bookmarked links. Otherwise, if you know of a paper panto that I can get quick I guess I could force myself to the back of the machine!! TIA

Nancy Jo

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I just used this border of footballs and helmets from:


by Todd Brown. I have a SS but the site notes it has IQ and CQ formats.

I also used this one in some blocks and it looked cute too. Its an edge to edge but it is square so it fits in a block.


She does all formats too, but you might want check to make sure if this one is in the CQ. I could only find it in the search on her site.


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