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computer or no computer??

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Hi- this is my first posting--I am looking to buy a used long arm--have been searching ebay, and craigs list. I may make the plunge in January. I think I would like to add the computer option---should I??? If I do, which way should I go--Statler stitcher or Intelliquilter?? Also, one machine I am looking at has a 14 foot table--is there any way to cut them down to the 12 foot length. Thanks!!!!!

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Hi. Don\'t be frustrated! :)

I don\'t have a computer system with my longarm, but several folks here do have them. I also know that Melody is selling her used APQS longarm and Compuquilter, with lots of tools, thread and really, it\'s a good deal I think! She lives in the Portland, OR area. Here is a link to her info:


You could speak directly with a dealer in the California bay area. Cheryl Uribe lives in the east bay. Click on this map for her contact info.


You can also contact the head office in Des Moines 1-800-426-7233 for more info; they might have some used machines with a compuquilter.

If you are able to visit the Los Angeles area in January, you could attend the Road to California quilt show and try out all of the different models of longarm machines, and see the computerized systems there, too.


I hope this helps you a little bit with your quest. Good luck!

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I had my Mille for over a year then added on the CQ.

If I were you I would look for a used machine from APQS because you get a one year warranty. Buying off Ebay sounds a little scary.

If you want to try the a Mille or Freedom which would be perfect for CompuQuilter they will be at the Road To California Show in Ontario, CA the weekend of January 18. Cheryl Uribe will be there.

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I, too, had my Millie for about a year and then added a CompuQuilter. I had been quilting longer on a Gammill, but sold it because it was too heavy for me. If I had to buy again and could afford to do so I would get a computerized system right away. It takes a lot of the physical wear and tear off the body. I do love my CompuQuilter...make sure you check it out too.


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If you don\'t have the money right now to buy a machine and a computer then I suggest you buy the best quilting machine you can afford and play with freehand techniques. The time doing this will never be wasted and you will be able to offer something others may not.

I\'d ask APQS about their used models - I believe there are some terrific bargains now with hardly used demo machines.

If you are considering purchasing a computerised system later I\'d buy a machine with a 26" throat space such as the Freedom or Milli, a smaller throat space reduces some of the benefits of having a computerised system.

I run a Compuquilter - available through APQS and love it. Right now it is quilting a bedspread for my mother-in-laws bed while I\'m typing this message. The design is 16" deep and quite dense so it will take 38 minutes to do a row so I\'ve got plenty of time to catch up on some emails and hang out the washing before I have to go back in and change a bobbin and roll on!

Computerised systems mostly have the same software features, but I really like our Boundaries system, and the very precise Restart feature.

CQ hardware is quite different to other systems and allows a design to "stay on track" (important if you need to unpick and then quilt right on top of the previous stitching - especially on fabric that shows needle holes).

Good luck on your search for a quilting machine and a computerised system.

Sue in Australia

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