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How To Talk Hubby Into It

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Hello everyone, I have been quietly following all your wonderful comments about purchasing your LA\'s and tried to put most of your advice into action. And YIPEE!:D Tonight I said to my husband (after he has watched me spend countless hours "researching the purchase") that "you know I\'m probably going to by a long-arm". He just hugged me and said yes, he knew and he still loved me anyway. I think he was wondering what took me so long. So today (actually, before I told him) I placed my order for my Millie and I can\'t be more excited! I am squeezing it into a studio my hubby built for me three years ago (it had been masqarading as a guest room-sofa bed and all!) but I am so excited to call this space my own, finally. It will be as I\'ve always dreamed and I can finally make all those wonderful quilts dancing around in my head. YEAH!!

Martha in sunny Destin, FL:D

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Hi all,

The quilt machine is the best power tool around. Not only can you make an ugly quilt beautiful, you can also make the machine computerized. It\'s even a stay home job without the high cost of feul these days. Ups will come right up to your front door and you can even stay in your PJ\'s if you like. Just make sure you keep a robe handy if you quilt in the buff, LOL..........HE HE HE HE...........zeke........

Just tell him that you will be able to make money without leaving the house and you\'ll even quilt in the buff just for him.......

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