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Which side did you put your stylus on?


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Hi! I just got my Quilt EZ stylus as well as a template and some other templates from R&S and I'm wondering which side of your machine did you put

your stylus on and why. Or does it matter either way?

So far both brands seem to fit under the machine in the center of the table. I can hear a slight rubbing but don't feel anything when the carriage goes over the R&S ones. How will I know if I need to put washers on my wheels to raise the carriage?

The R&S ones are thicker and the groove is a bit wider so I don't know how/if that's going to make a difference. I was under the impression that the Quilt EZ stylus will work for both brands. Is that not correct?

Thank you for any and all assistance you can give me.

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I put my stylus on the left side probably because that is where the laser is when I do pantos and I am very comfortable that way. I put my left hand on the boards at times to hold them (particularly when going over where the boards connect) while I guide the stylus with my right hand.

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Deann, here\'s the link...


They are like Quilt EZ only cheaper. I don\'t think they make/sell a stylus so you have to use either the CL one or the Quilt EZ one.

Sonja, I bought R&S in/out circle spiral - 4 of them and 4 of the baptist fans.

I also bought Quilt EZ\'s Square spiral.

So far all of them move fine under the carriage w/the stylus. The baptist fans look like they\'re going to take some practice with knowing where to turn. After the spirals, where it just automatically puts you where you need to be.

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