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Daniel O'Donnell

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Hi All.

Did anyone tune into the Daniel O\'Donnell concert last night.

It was filmed in his home land of Ireland. He showed gorgeous picture all around Ireland.

His music is always so beautiful and easy listening. He has a variety of songs, so there is something for everyone.

There are always thousands of people attending his concerts. He invites audience participation. Last night he

sang Happy Birthday to his Mom, who was in the audience.

My DH and I look forward to watching him and I have several of his CD\'s.


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We saw Daniel O\'D on pbs also.. where can we get his cd\'s? He has a wonderful RICH voice.. so clear and he enunciates so well.. music is lovely and doesn\'t drown him out when he sings..

Love it.


PS LOL, He\'s cute, too!:D

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