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Needle Stuck - Now Fixed...maybe??

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Hi everyone...hope someone out there can help me. After going to Cheryl\'s on Thursday for a wonderful day of much needed beginner training, I then spent the whole weekend until just today thinking about everything I\'d learned. I was unable to touch "Mel" because of a previous commitment.

I got home at 3 a.m. this morning and immediately set about making a practice sandwich. Got my quilt loaded (in record time:D) and then wound some new bobbins and began to stitch some "blocks" with thread for practicing in. And that\'s when the the trouble began :( My needle got stuck in the down position when hitting the needle down button once--it was stuck and the machine continued to run. I was able to shut it off and use the flywheel to move it to the top and then I noticed that the bobbin wasn\'t snapped in and had actually fallen out. Hmmmm--could that have been operator error??? :P

Got that all fixed, everything was fine, then it happened again. Only this time, my bobbin didn\'t fall out and my flywheel won\'t move using either the front or rear yellow button. :mad: So now what???


Other tidbits of potentially important info: Channel lock was on, preventing movement side-to-side. And, from under the machine looking at the inserted bobbin, it is circling counter-clockwise when I pull the bobbin thread that has yet to be caught on the up-motion of the needle.


So, messed with it some more, was able to move the flywheel and get the needle released. Sewed some with the locks on, used the needle-up/down and everything seems to be working. Do any of you have any idea what may be going on???


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You need to call APQS techcnical help on Monday morning. We could all give you advise and tell you what we "think" could be wrong....but they are the experts and this sounds like a job for them to handle.

Good luck. I know how frustrating it can be when you don\'t know what to do.

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I played with it until I got the needle back up; then started again. I think what\'s happening is that the needle up/down is moving too quickly now--giving me two up/downs instead of one. And this after I had to figure out how to speed it up; but someone here did tell me that it might naturally speed up a bit after more consistent practicing. Hmmmm...maybe I should have listened??:P:P

I practiced more last night being very careful with the needle up/down and didn\'t have any problems. I\'m going to slow it down a tad (I know how to do this after speeding it up before:o) and see if I still have the same problem. Unfortunately, I had to WORK today...very inconvenient!:mad:

Thanks for your help Marybeth and Bonnie!!

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