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My first designs.....

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.....are online!!!;):D:cool: I´m really excited....and proud!;)

Loes and Theo have done a wonderful job with digitizing ! Aaaaaand.... they are working on more of my freemotion designs -

those will be published in the next few days!:D

Please have a look on the website

http://www.pantosbytheo.com/ .......

And for all, who are asking for a DVD....http://quilters.pre-design.eu/inyourdreams.htm

here are several "movies" to see me quilting/dreaming/playing/painting with the Millie!;):D



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Originally posted by Mary Beth

So, let me get this straight...I\'ve never used these patterns before. We can download in PDF and don\'t need a special program, or we do need the Pre-Design software....help!!:)

Hi Mary Beth,

You don\'t need Pre-Design (oh my gosh, what am I saying, of course you need Pre-Design , but okay, you don\'t need it to use Claudia\'s Designs

at http://www.longarmpatterns.com

The patterns come in a zip-file and contain all quilt formats, including a printable PDF, plus the files for CompuQuilter, IntelliQuilter, StatlerStitcher, MyQuiltingRobot, HQPro.


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