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Calling all Silk Experts!

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Calling all silk experts...

Whole cloth gorgeous mint green silk with a sparse large print design balanced by solid color "negative space" (makes ya drool!)...customer wants it quilted. I've never been this way before. :o This was a referral from another LA quilter who told the potential customer I had a "better machine"...

May the APQS force be with us....

Please take a moment and share your success stories, techniques, words of wisdom and pitfalls. What needle size works best, what kind of fabric did you use for backing, what was your preferred batting, and what thread (type) allowed you to have the best results? Any struggles? How about frequency potential for the silk fabric snagging? Your words of wisdom and experience are needed. :) Thank you!

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I cannot say anything about a silk wholecloth quilt. However, with the pieced silk top I quilted earlier this week, I actually didn't do anything different from what I do with an all-cotton top.

The backing my customer provided was a Jinny Beyer print, i.e. cotton. I used a size 3.5 needle (as I do for most other tops as well) and used a variegated blue-purple-green Rainbows thread on the top and contrasting Bottom Line thread in medium grey in the bobbin - because my customer wanted the quilting to really show on the back.

I didn't have any problems quilting. What is a bit different is the sound the needle makes when punching though dupioni silk with its uneven threads - but that was just a new sound, not a problem.

Can't wait to see what you are going to do with your silk project...


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Hi vicki

the fabric sounds gorgeous. I have just completed a satin top for my daughter. A pic of it is on my website in the photo gallery if you want take a look. The photo page is a bit of a mess at the moment - I am in the middle of adding and taking away and formatting the pics to a better size.

I found this top earlier this week in a box I had before we moved 18 months ago. It was for one of the grown up kids beds when we moved into our new house! When I took it out of the box it just looked like a rag but now its quilted....

Even my sons and husband have commented on how luxurious it looks.

I didn't do anything different from any other fabric. I used anMR4 needle - new, used bottomline in the bobbin case and So Fine in the top, batting was Matilda's Own 80/20mis and the backing was a new sheet 220 thread count which probably wasn't the best choice but the colour looks good with the top.. I stabilised the top and sides as I went to keep it from slipping and as I stitched I made sure the top was laying on the batting and backing nice and straigt.

Good luck Vicki - let us see a photo when you have it finished.

Happy Christmas

Sue in Australia

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